Amazing Elastic Stockings

  • $24.99
  • $59.99

Are you tired of buying stockings every time they rip?

Meet the Super Elastic Magical Stockings. It's made from the highest quality of Nylon and Acrylic to ensure high elasticity and anti-hook. It's also super thin -- similar to how a cicada's wings are. You can choose between sleek black and the natural skin color. Get this today and feel its elasticity!


  • Product material analysisSkin Beauty/ Sun Block/ Leg beauty
  • Helps blood circulation, smooth skin condition
  • Block the sun to prevent tanning and the sun burn, effectively protect the skin expose outside.
  • Gentle, silky, light and breathable, allow skin to breathe freely
  • Absorb Sweat, and dry fast, to allow good ventilation
  • Durable and strong silk material, prevent scratch, rip, and fuzz
  • Italian import materials shows nature luster and high quality


 How To Use 

1. Roll the stocking down to the tip of the toe 
2. Adjust the tip and the heel for fitting, and gently rolling upward
3. Stand up and pull up both sides for further adjustment
4. Smoothing both legs and pull together with the tights uniform fit, allow pull and wear stockings to the waist