Arctic Genie: Ice Cube Maker

  • $24.99
  • $59.99

Just Fill & Chill!

Do your ice cube trays consume most of your freezer's space? It's even harder to twist and turn just to extract those ice cubes. Now here's a much easier way for that!


Introducing the Arctic: Ice Cube Maker. It's revolutionary and space saving replacing up to 10 of your traditional ice cube trays!


Its double chamber design is what makes it special. Outer chambers freeze the ice cubes while inner cylinder stores them. Arctic: Ice Cube Maker can hold up to 3 batches of ice cubes or 120 cubes in total. AMAZING!


Fill the outer chamber with water then lift up the inner cylinder and squeeze out the cubes into the bucket and their ready to use! Then, just refill and freeze again for another batch of ice cubes.



  • Space-Saving: Unlike the traditional ice cube trays, the Arcttic: Ice Cube Maker can hold batches of ice cubes all at the same time.
  • Safe and BPA Free
  • Odor-Free Ice: Air tight lid keeps your cubes fresh from unwanted freezer odors.