Beautiful Mink Magnetic 2 for 1

  • $39.99
  • $74.99

Boulder Vibes™ is the proud designer of the Mink Magnetic Full Eye Eyelashes!


Do you want perfect dark smokey eyes?


Turn up the volume with the Mink Magnetic Full Eye Eyelashes. Abundance of soft mink spread out across the entire band for a full and dramatic look! Perfect for dark smokey eyes. What's more? It's reusable! 

  • Can be applied instantly without GLUE
  • It has a unique FLEXIBLE design to prevent edges from sticking out
  • 3 MAGNETS to keep it in place all the time
  • Covers the FULL EYE
  • Extremely LIGHT that you won't even remember you are wearing it
  • Newly launched MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY ensures your lash stays in place
  • RELIABLE for everyday use
  • Can be TRIMMED if necessary